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Hello Band Family!!


Welcome to the JICHS Band Newsletter. lol


I have decided to try a new approach to getting all the latest news out to everyone.

And what better way than a cool newsletter.


Hopefully this will be an easier way for us to get you all the important information, in a more appealing format. We will give it a go for a little while to see how it goes.

I am still just learning about what I can do with this, so please let me know if you would like to see anything added.


-Dr. Bowles


We are in the final push with our prep for Concert Festival!

The kids have been working so hard getting our pieces put together.

Mr. Sherman and I are proud of the work they have done.

We know it is not ideal...but they are for sure over coming the difficulties.


We will share the recordings with you all as soon as we get them finalized.


Schedule for next week for Symphonic Winds and friends (Concert Band students who have been working with Symphonic Winds)


Monday March 22nd

Full Rehearsal

4:15 - 5:45 pm



Wednesday March 24th


1:00 call time

Concert Black

Recording 1:30 - 3:00


Please, please PLEASE make sure your students will be at rehearsal and the recording session.


Check out the updated calendar.

Not much has changed from our last update.

We will start up our Concert Band Monday Rehearsals after Spring Break.

We will go back to alternating between Concert Band and Symphonic Band every other Monday from 4:15 - 5:45 pm.

Please also look at our Spring Concert dates.

As of now I have both an in person date and a recording session date on the calendar.

We are planning on the in person concert, but if things take a turn for the worse, we will do the recording instead.

But we will remain positive and plan for an awesome concert in the auditorium!


Springtime - the time for everything to start a new. Trees and grass begin to grow, flowers begin to bloom and the world comes alive again. It is also the time to start looking forward to next school year. It is hard to believe we are planning and organizing in preparation for something that isn't happening for five more months. That is exciting and scary all at the same time!!


Students are going to be filling out their class choice, or may have already done it. I just want to make sure everyone knows to put band down on their school choice. If you have ANY questions about what band class to take, or if you are looking to add another music class (jazz band, piano, guitar, AP Music Theory) please reach out and ask. There are multiple options for students.

And please, make sure you advocate for yourself. If someone is telling you you can't take band next year...THAT IS NOT TRUE! The performing arts department is actively working with the guidance department and the administration to make sure we are offering band to anyone who wants to take it. You CAN be in band, and take AP or IB or AVID classes, just like you can be in band and sports.


This past year has been difficult to say the least for everyone is so many ways! Our band program was most definitely affected by COVID. Not only have we had to deal with working to stay safe from the virus by changing virtually everything we do in band, but we seemingly lost students from the program because the school schedule was so messed up.

I would love to see if we can find any of those students, and get them back into the band program.

If you know anyone who was unable to schedule band this year, and has fallen through the proverbial cracks of the pandemic, please send them my way. Mr. Sherman and I would love to get them back into the band family!


At the same time we are looking to find former students, we are also actively recruiting new students. Check out our new recruitment brochure. COVID has made it a challenge to meet the rising freshman of next year, but we have started reaching out to them and are already working on the roster for next year. If you know any 8th grade band student who is planning on attending JICHS next year, especially if they are not a Camp Road student, please encourage them to sign up for band next year!


JICHS Band Recruitment 2021.pdf


We are looking for a few parents who are interested in helping run the band backer organization. We have openings for positions on our board. Come on out and help keep our band running!

Please let Dr. Bowles know if you would like to help out!


Students who have applied to join Tri-M, please make sure you RSVP to our induction ceremony zoom meeting.

The deadline to respond is March 23rd.

Check your emails for the information.

Rising 9th Grade Parent meeting

Tuesday April 27th

6:30 pm



  • Concert Band Rehearsal Monday Apr. 12 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Band Backer Meeting Tuesday, Apr. 13 (6:30pm)

  • Symphonic Winds Rehearsal Monday, Apr. 19 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Jazz Band Rehearsal, April 20 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Concert Band Rehearsal Monday, Apr. 26 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Jazz Band Rehearsal, Tuesday, April 27 (4:15pm-5:45pm_

  • Jazz Band Recording Session, Wednesday, April 28th, (4:15pm-5:45pm)



  • Symphonic Winds Rehearsal Monday, May 3 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Concert Band Rehearsal Monday, May 10 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Band Backer Meeting Tuesday, May 11 (6:30pm)

  • Symphonic Winds Rehearsal Monday, May 17 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Concert Band Rehearsal Monday, May 24 (4:15pm-6:15pm)

  • Spring Concert Thursday, May 27 (7:00 pm)

  • No School (Memorial Day) Monday, May 31



  • Jazz/Percussion Concert Tuesday, June 2 (7:00 pm)

  • Jazz/Percussion Recording (possible) Wednesday, June 2 (1:00pm – 5:00pm)

  • Band Banquet Friday, June 11 (5pm) - Tentative

  • Last Day of School June 18